Tiered link building system flaws and solutions

If you have been spending a considerable amount of time in the field, you must have known about the infamous flaws of popular tiered link building systems including Matthew Woodward’s and Jacob King’s. No doubt about the feelings you sense when you first discovered it because it’s common to all. Shock followed by frustration and paranoia brings you to the real world where you have been literally chasing after an illusion for without a single chance of success.

A specified fundamental flaw of the link building systems is the main cause for this futile process render which has been assigning such tools affiliate commissions in vain.

The following article will guide you through the flaws of the systems and how to overcome them and move your web sites toward success.

Types of links in your tier structure

The first problem you will face in the systems is the types of tiers and links used in them. Web 2.0s, Articles, Wikis, Social bookmarks, Doc Shares and directories are the most common types of tiers used in numerous sites and they are the backbone of the basic flaws of the systems among which bookmarks and directory links draw major attention. So the advice should now be modified into – Never use Social Bookmarks and Directories on your Tier Structure!

If you want your tier link building systems to function accurately, it is best if you avoid the use of the above mentioned types of tiers. They are the cause of broken tiers that will gradually cover the breakdown of additional tiers.

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The general method of link building is to add Wikis, comments or bookmarks in tier 2 in order to increase the effectiveness of tier 3.

However, once you use bookmarks and comments in tier 2, you will be cutting down your contextual links down to 40%or even lesser than that because when adding bookmarks and comments in tier 2, you will be increasing the rate of non-related links. When you carry on the exact procedure to the higher tiers, your tier structure will be completely out of nowhere that will be a waste of efforts for you as well as a waste of time for the audience.

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Now while you are dealing with this complicated theorem, it might hit you that some of your structures got emerged in the rankings. If you are wondering why, it is due to the expired domains that had existing authority. However, the success rate would not exceed 10% since each layer is found to be worthless.


As the saying goes, you have a will you will find a way, and there are ways to overcome this problem. The best practice to put forward is to use such non-contextual links as secondary links. They will be regarded as side partners and would not be inside the tier structure. You can relate them to primary links such as articles, Wikis and Web 2.0s and they would stay out of the harm’s way.

These secondary links have to include bookmarks, directories, comments, guest books as well as trackbacks.

Nofollow platforms are the second major drawbacks of your tiers that will ultimately lead you to a never-rankville. There are numerous nofollow platforms in the IT world including Jcow and Mediawiki that are important for diversification but they are potentially killing your tiers.

It is a common method to skew your site lists towards nofollow platforms and studies have shown that more than 75% of site lists are covered under these platforms. Once these platforms are included in your tier structures, the links will break the upper connections and you tiers are no longer useful. The problem is further made complicated by the popularity of these platforms which attracts the attention towards these platforms instead of your sites.

So saying no to nofollow platforms is a must.


If you really want these to involve in your site, you have a technique to pursue it.

The method involves secondary links, just like the above mentioned method. In addition to that, you will have to assign tasks to watch over your links. Once you complete the process, you will be promoting dofollow platforms instead of nofollow ones.

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You can breathe out a sigh of relief as time and money spent on tiered link building systems is not 100% wasted. In fact, the building systems will work perfectly if these hitches are solved. So avoid these problems and aim for the best. Good luck on your campaigns!