Although a majority of the link builders revolve around tools such as Ultimate Demon and Senuke XCR, the real champion is GSA SER. As for its functionality, it uniquely advanced which is the same cause for more people to keep away from it, but once you get hold of the infrastructure, you are done and dusted.

Many have misunderstood it as a 2/3 tier tool but it is equally amazing when used in tier 1 link building processes. In reality, it can sum up the results of 3 Ultimate Demon tools while keeping track of thousands of sites at the same time.

The only methods other tools beat GSA SER is the monetary foundations and promotions that haul them over SEO blogs. Apart from that, GSA SER launches frequent updates which are very difficult to keep track of. In fact, if you produce a tutorial for it today, it will be in the trashcan tomorrow. However, with these updates, GSA SER has paved its way successfully to secure a higher place in the SEO field.

The following steps will guide you to a successful campaign setup, avoiding the basic tier building problems. To enhance the quality of your tiers, it is better to separate secondary links from the contextual tier structure.

If you are a novice to the GSA SER world, you better understand the environment with the help of GSA forums and YouTube before putting this to work.

Selecting Engines

  1. Create a new task
  2. A list of types of links and engines will be displayed.
  3. Use the options by right clicking on the selected area.

t1 contents

  1. Check the necessary links. Be aware not to add non-contextual links and nofollow links.
  2. Save it as ‘’contextual dofollo’’ to start tier tasks.

Consider the following example of tasks in a campaign.

Primary Links
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3

Secondary Links

Secondary links to Tier 1

Secondary links to Tier 2

Secondary links to Tier 3

Secondary links to Money Site


Once the contextual and dofollow links are added to the tier structure, you can start relating the corresponding secondary links after which you will have to complete the process by building site lists.

GSA is immensely useful when building site lists as it is able to look out for sites through footprints. But if you are expecting the best results, it is best if you take things to your own hands. You can use your premade site lists which will increase the potential of the software while allowing you to have more control over the building process.